Long-term care facilities in Nevada can worry less about Salmonella-caused illness as the state ranked 1st place in minimizing this infectious disease, according to America’s Health Rankings. Nevada also has a lower prevalence of diabetes compared to many other states. Furthermore, this state managed to reduce mortality rate from cardiovascular disease by 25% within the last ten years.

Nevada’s population in 2013 equaled to nearly 2.8 million. In 2012, 15.6% of the state’s residents were in poverty as stated in reports by Trust for America’s Health. Poverty can prevent individuals from getting proper care and provisions for health. The non-profit organization also noted that 18% of the population in Nevada smoked tobacco on a regular basis in 2012.

According to 2010 data from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, 22.6% of adults 55 to 64 years of age were reported as smokers. In the same year, women made up 42% of smoking-related deaths among adults ages 35 and above. Among severe illnesses caused by smoking, cancer accounted for the highest number of fatalities.

In addition, Nevada faces shortcomings in insurability for the health of its citizens. The state ranked 48th in providing government health program coverage to citizens in 2010.


Cost of Care

Below are the average daily cost* of long-term care services in Nevada.

City Nursing Facility1 Assisted Living1 Adult Day Care2 Home Health Aide3
Carson City $257 $114 N/A $138
Las Vegas $235 $90 $65 $120
Reno $252 $108 $72 $132


*Costs are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.
1Daily average for a private room.
2Based on five days of care per week.
3Based on six hours of care per day, five days per week.


Insurance Options

Transamerica sold TransCare II 2012 long-term care insurance policies to Nevada residents. In addition to the sales, the insurance carrier oversaw changes in the product due to LTCI market conditions. Changes include the reduction of spousal discount to 20% and the newer 10% Preferred Health Discount. Transamerica enacted the policy adjustments on January 22, 2013.

On August 19, 2013, John Hancock included Nevada to the states where the insurer implemented gender-based pricing. John Hancock also added the state to its web-based LTC Captivate system on the same date.

In Nevada, Mutual of Omaha introduced a new LTCI portfolio called MutualCare Solutions (LTC 13) on October 1, 2013. The MutualCare Solutions product has a modified compensation system designed to be more competitive in the LTCI industry. It also comes with revisions in the benefit period and definition of couples. MutualCare Solutions became a certified Partnership policy in Nevada on October 15, 2013.

Residents of Nevada can also buy LTCI policies from Genworth, Massachusetts Mutual, New York Life, and Northwestern.


State Long-Term Care Programs

Senior citizens in the state can receive support in paying for care services through the Medicare program. Medicare Part A covers home health care and nursing facility care. Part B, on the other hand, pays for different health-related services such as one form of therapy or another.

Unlike many other states, Nevada’s Medicaid program involves a state-based Marketplace called Nevada Health Link. More low-income adult residents can benefit from this program as the state approved Medicaid expansion.

The Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division offers several programs that can support people who rely on long-term care services. Adults ages 60 and above in frail physical condition can get assistance from the Advocate for Elders program. Older adults who wish to remain in their homes can receive personal care services through the Community Options Program for the Elderly (COPE). In addition to these two, elder protective services, grants, and a homemaker program help Nevada’s seniors.


More Resources

To get more specific information regarding long-term care services and insurance options in Nevada, please check the following websites:

Nevada Health Care Association

Helps locate LTC facilities in the state and comes with an extensive resource library.

Aging and Disability Services Division

Provides a list of senior centers by county along with resource links.


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