New Jersey

According to the US Census Bureau, New Jersey’s overall population totaled 8.9 million in 2013. This population figure was one-third compared to the second-largest state in terms of land area. Yet, New Jersey remains as the state with the highest population density. Data from the US Census Bureau also show that senior citizens made up 14% of the total number of New Jersey residents in 2012.

Estimates by AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, indicate that the number of New Jersey adults ages 85 and above will increase by as much as 70% between 2007 and 2030.This places New Jersey halfway among states with the largest population of seniors who fall under this age bracket. These seniors also have higher chances of necessitating custodial care and other long-term care services.

The Caregivers of New Jersey notes that the state accommodates more than 1 million caregivers, or one-eighth of the whole population. Aside from possible injury, these caregivers also risk developing physical and emotional complications.

Obesity can result in long-term health complications. New Jersey’s obese adult residents amounted to 23.8% of the population in 2011, meeting the goal of Healthy New Jersey 2020. The state also aims to reduce the incidence of heart disease down to 112.1 per 100,000 residents by 2020.


Cost of Care

Below are the average daily cost* of long-term care services in New Jersey.

City Nursing Facility1 Assisted Living1 Adult Day Care2 Home Health Aide3
Newark $323 N/A $80 N/A
Trenton $305 $191 $92 $132


*Costs are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.
1Daily average for a private room.
2Based on five days of care per week.
3Based on six hours of care per day, five days per week.


Insurance Options

In New Jersey, Mutual of Omaha modified the inflation rider rates of its Mutual Care Plus and United LTCi Solutions policies for LTCI, which became effective on March 1, 2012. The changes covered these two brands of policies categorized under ‘new business.’

Massachusetts Mutual included New Jersey to the states that gained approval for updated rates of the insurer’s SignatureCare 500 long-term care insurance product on May 31, 2013. On August 19, 2013, John Hancock started implementing gender-based differential pricing to its LTCI policies in the state. Four other states also underwent the same action on that date.

New Jersey residents can choose from three options for inflation protection and two for elimination period with FlexCare, an LTCI product by MedAmerica. These options became available in the market on December 9, 2013.

State residents can also get long-term care insurance coverage from Cigna Med Supp, Genworth, Lincoln Financial, One America, and Transamerica.


State Long-Term Care Programs

Medicare helps New Jersey adults pay the necessary care services for aging, disability, and serious chronic illnesses. Medicaid, another government health program, also provides coverage for some long-term care services. New Jersey assigned its federally-facilitated Marketplace to determine if residents can qualify for Medicaid. The state also began its expansion of Medicaid coverage to additional enrollees in January 2014.

Senior citizens, individuals with visual impairment, and people with disabilities can benefit from New Jersey Care, a special program by the state’s Medicaid.

Through New Jersey’s HealthEASE program, older adults can live healthily and independently for a prolonged time. Low-income seniors may apply in the Senior Gold program, which will support them in getting prescribed drugs continuously. If eligible for Medicare, these seniors should enroll for Medicare Part D benefits. Meanwhile, Project Healthy Bones helps older residents in preventing the risk of osteoporosis.


More Resources

To get more specific information regarding long-term care services and insurance options in New Jersey, please check the following websites:

Department of Health

Helps in finding LTC facilities and also provides links and guides for people involved in care.

Health Care Association of New Jersey

Offers resources and links for learning about LTC and searching for facilities.

New Jersey Health Link

Introduces the programs that support the state’s long-term care recipients.


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