View Cost of Care in Your State

The cost of long-term care services varies across states due to availability and quality, population distribution, and economic factors. Find out the cost of care in various settings, and learn more about opportunities and support for long-term care in your state.



Discover how your state fares in terms of health and long-term care. Information here includes the prevalent chronic diseases that require care, and the percentage of senior citizens per population.


Cost of Care per State

Find the average cost of long-term care services in your state’s major cities, based from John Hancock’s Cost of Care Study 2013.


Insurance Options

See which major insurance carriers offer LTCI policies, including Partnership-qualified policies, in your state. You might also see specific LTCI products that are offered in the state, as well as updates to some of these insurance products.


State Long-Term Care Programs

Learn about the Medicare, Medicaid and other government LTC programs in your state. Find out which states have a different name for Medicaid, and get updates in these government health programs. Some states also have additional programs for long-term care.


More References and Resources

Find state-specific links that can help you expand your knowledge about long-term care and insurance coverage for it. Sites listed here are recognized as authoritative and trustworthy, but are beyond the scope of our terms of use.