Long-Term Care Providers and Facilities

There are various providers of long-term care, from a loved one looking after you to dedicated institutions with medical professionals. By knowing the different kinds of settings available to you, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions regarding your care later on.

Long-term care services can be generally categorized into three types.


Home-based Care

Care provided at home is by far the most common type of long-term care. Millions of American families currently have unpaid family members looking after their loved ones. In 2009, the value of these uncompensated contributions was estimated to be worth $450 billion.

Aside from family caregivers, there are also professionals who provide care at home:

  • Home health aides or home care aides assist individuals with ADLs.
  • Homemaker services provide help with household chores such as cleaning, shopping or cooking.
  • Nurses and/or therapists can also provide medical services at home.


Community-based Care

Community-based services focus on providing social interaction and activities for adults, typically during the day. These services are directed towards more independent seniors who only need minimal assistance. Some examples of this type of services are:

  • Adult day care centers run daily programs specially made for functionally or cognitively impaired adults.
  • Home care agencies can provide scheduled home visits on a regular basis.


Facility-based Care

There are dedicated facilities that provide more comprehensive and extensive services than the previously mentioned types. Usually, these facilities allow residence, administer treatments and/or provide round-the-clock supervision.

  • Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities have the broadest array of care services and are staffed with medical doctors, nurses and other professionals. Residents can be monitored and assisted 24/7.
  • Assisted living facilities give residents greater independence while providing medical assistance and supervision.
  • Board and care homes are private homes or apartments which arrange for personal care, meals and housekeeping for residents.


Your personal long-term care needs will determine which care settings are available for you. Note that each provider or facility charges different fees, and these further vary depending on location.

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