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9 Tips for Buying Long-Term Care Insurance


Insurance policies are financial tools designed to cover a particular need. There are numerous types being offered in the market today, but one of those that are essential to have is long-term care insurance. RELATED: 6 Insurance Policies that are Necessary to Have If you’re looking into including long-term care insurance in your financial plan, … Continued


Using Life Insurance for LTC: Pros and Cons


There are many ways to pay for long-term care, and one of them is a hybrid life insurance policy with long-term care benefits. To help you determine if a hybrid policy can work for you, consider its advantages and drawbacks.

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5 Ways to Fund your Long-Term Care Needs


When planning for long-term care and retirement, you need to figure out how to pay for care expenses. There are several options when it comes to paying for long-term care and each has its pros and cons. Here are five options.

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4 Tips for First-Time Life Insurance Buyers


Buying life insurance for the first time? Here are four tips to help you make the right decisions as you acquire a policy.


5 Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for LTCi


Long-term care insurance is a vital part of a financial plan, especially for retirement. If you decide to purchase a policy, here are five common mistakes that you need to avoid as you shop around.

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6 Must-Have Insurance Policies


With the different types of insurance policies offered in the market today, it can be challenging to determine which are essential to have and which you can do without. Here’s a list of insurance policies that protect your most important assets

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How to Determine If You Need Long-Term Care Insurance


“Do I actually need long term care insurance?” There are certain areas of your life that you can look into to determine if you actually need to purchase a policy or not.

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